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  • Capital: Bucharest
  • Form of government: Republic
  • Area: 238,397 km2
  • Religion: Christianity 92,3%
  • Phone number: +353
  • Language: Romanian
  • Time difference: -1
  • Population: 19,317,984 (2020)
  • Currency: Romanian leu (RON)

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There are direct Finnair scheduled flights from Finland to Helsinki to Bucharest. Romania can also be reached by numerous other European airlines via interchanges.

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Traveling by car or bus is the easiest way to get around Romania. Bus timetables are available on the Autogari website.


Embassy of Finland, Bucharest Strada Atena 2 bis, Bucuresti 011832 – Tel. +40 21 230 7504 Email: – Website:

  • Travel bulletin from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Traveling in the country is safe with normal caution. Caution is advised in traffic. Read more
Bucharest Old Town Sunny Summer Day - Romania

Bucharest (Capital)


Bucharest is Romania’s capital and largest city, as well as the most important industrial and commercial center of the country.  Bucharest is a booming city with many large infrastructure projects changing the old face of the city. Known in the past as “The Little Paris,” Bucharest has changed a lot lately, and today it has become a very interesting mix of old and new that has little to do with its initial reputation.

Peles Castle

Peleș Castle

Address: Aleea Peleșului 2, Sinaia 106100, Romania


Neo-Renaissance Peleș castle, built between 1873 and 1914 within the Carpathian mountain range, is a piece of the most elegant Romanian countryside. It has a 3,200-square-meter floor plan with over 170 rooms, many with dedicated themes from world cultures . Themes vary by function  (etc. libraries or armories) or by style (Florentine, Turkish, Imperial). Also its collection of art from Central and Easter n Europe is wide and very remarkable,  consisting of e.g. ivory,  china and Swiss glass vitralios. Seven beautiful Italian Neo-Renaissance terrace gardens are also a must-see for a beauty-seeking visitor.

Tone mapped HDR image of an small island on Lake Her?str?u.

“Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum

Address: Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 28-30, București 011347,  Romania


If you love traditional culture, folk art and nature then Bucharest’s National Village Museum is an absolute must-visit. Known as Dimitrie Gusti Museum to locals, this impressive open-air exhibition displays over eighty traditional Romanian houses complete with historical interiors from six different regions.

Authentic peasant farms and houses from all over Romania in Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum, an open-air ethnographic museum located in the King Michael I Park, showcasing traditional Romanian village life

Bucharest Herăstrău Park

Address: Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 32, București 014192, Romania


Sprawling over a large area north of Piaţa Victoriei, this 200-hectare park surrounding a large lake is (arguably) Bucharest’s nicest park, with plenty of shaded strolls and open-air cafes, plus boats to hire. At night in summer, some of the city’s best clubs decamp along the shore here and transform the park into an all-night party scene. One of the main entrances to the park is a short walk from the Aviatorilor metro station.

I have taken this photo in April 2018 during my visit of Romania

Cișmigiu Gardens

Address: Bulevardul Regina Elisabeta, București 030167, Romania


This 17 hectares wide public park is located in central Bucharest, spanning areas on all sides of an artificial Lake Cișmigiu. The main entrance wides from Regina Elisabeta Boulevard, near the City Hall. Notable attractions at the park are the circular Rondul Român alley which has the stone busts of twelve important Romanian writers, and Monumentul Eroilor Francezi (“The Monument of French Heroes”) dedicated to French soldiers who died fighting in Romania during the World War I. Very idyllic sight at the urban heart of Bucharest.

View off Bucura 2 peak in the Retezat Mountains in Romania

Retezat National Park

Address: nr. 284 com, Nucșoara 337423, Romania


This mountainous national park contains over 380 km2 wide area with rare old-growth forest and over 80 glacier lakes, making it a very remarkable entirety of nature in the Carpathian mountain range. Of fauna, a visitor can spot here e.g. chamois, European wildcat or red deer. Very suitable place for an outdoorsy person.

sibiu city romania Grand Square general view

Big Square (Piata Mare)

Address: Piața Mare, Sibiu, Romania


Big Square is Sibiu’s historical centre, where there are important historical monuments, many of which are part of the UNESCO patrimony.

Bran, Romania - 19 July 2017: Bran Castle, Romania. Stunning HDR twilight image of Dracula fortress in Transylvania, medieval landmark.

Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)

Location: Strada General Traian Moșoiu 24, Bran 507025, Romania


Rising above the town on a rocky promontory, Bran Castle holds visitors in thrall. An entire industry has sprouted around describing it as ‘Dracula’s Castle’, though connections to either the historical Vlad Ţepeş or Bram Stoker’s fictional vampire are thin. Indeed, you’ll learn rather more about Queen Maria than Dracula. One room exhibits a half-hearted account of Romanian vampire lore, and rather infuriatingly shoehorns together some displays on Vlad Ţepeş – popularly, ‘the Impaler’ – and author Bram Stoker.

Aerial of train on Viaduct in Semmering railway, Austria



Former European Capital of Culture and old cultural center of Transylvanian Saxons is a real jewel among the cities of Transylvania. It straddles the Cibin river and consists of a population of appr. 147, 000. Its historic center, divided to the Upper Town and Lower Town, is an idyllic place to hang out and relax with a cup of tea or glass of rakija,  local plum liquor. It has three theaters and it contains the highly admired ASTRA National Museum Complex of four museums. Other sights are e.g. Steam Locomotives Museum and annual Sibiu International Theatre Festival as an event. During winter the Păltiniș ski resort nearby offers various winter sports.

Kufstein Old Town with medieval fortress on a rock over the Inn river, Alps mountains, Austria, in dramatic sunset light



Beautiful Constanța is the oldest inhabited town in Romania, founded in the 7th century. It houses appr. 284,000 residents. Notable sights include The Archeology Park (Parcul Arheologic) showing columns and fragments of 3rd and 4th-century buildings and a 6th-century tower, the Carol I Mosque and the Ovidius’s Square.

More information about Romania

Turda, Romania. 02 July, 2015: Long tunnel in a salt mine in Turda

Turda Salt Mine

Address: Aleea Durgăului 7, Turda 401106, Romania


The salt mine of Turda is ranked by Business Insider magazine as one of the coolest underground places in the world. It offers halotherapy services for visitors. Its sights include the conical Terezia mine with an underground lake and salt efflorescences, the Rudolf mine with a panoramic elevator and beautiful, some even 3 meter high, stalactites and the Gizela mine with a spa treatment room.  Wanna do caving or try healthy salt treatments?  Try Turda.

Golia Monastery Iasi with blue sky behind in the summer

Golia Monastery

Address: Strada Cuza Vodă nr. 51, Iași 700040, Romania


This 16th-century Orthodox monastery located in the idyllic city of Iași is a beautiful and calm sight. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Monuments in Romania.

The fortified church of Prejmer in Brasov county. Southeastern Transylvania has one of the highest numbers of still-existing 13th to 16th centuries fortified churches.



Founded in 1234 as Corona, this beautiful city has served as the center of the Southern Carpathians. Poiana Brașov ski resort, most popular in Romania, is splendid for winter sports. Notable sights are the Gothic Biserica Neagră church, the historical Șcheii neighbourhood and the Tâmpa Mountain. The city is notable for being the birthplace of the national anthem of Romania and for hosting the Golden Stag International Music Festival.